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Your Responsibility

In the absence of a working track and trace application, responsibility is now falling upon business to record visitors and customers in the event a person contracting Covid-19 otherwise referred as Corona Virus.

As a condition for opening restaurants, cafes, public houses and other business including hair dressers, barbers and any other locations where customers spend time on premises, business will need to have a facility to record who has been on the premises and when. This allows for the ability to identify who a person has been in close proximity to within the last week.

Easy Setup

There are a number of ways you can record your customers visiting the premises, all of which have been designed to be easily setup and managed.

You can set up a booking system for your restaurant or business which will provide you with this data, install commercial touch screens to allow visitors to provide the details upon arrival (Click here for more information), provide customers with 'chipped loyalty cards' which they swipe upon arrival or in its most simplistic method we set up your own visitor login management page dedicated to your premises/business to allow your customers to 'book' themselves in or a member of staff log this information into the searchable database for you.

Get Ready

See the demonstration page here: mycafe

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